Bows and all the equipment of the traditional archer
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The living room


With its own entrance, The Suite is equipped with :

    • a living room with a collection of books and films on archery as well as other types of films.   The chimney is the main feature of this room. It also has a table and  4 chairs to write, play cards or make one's arrows...

    • one room  with a double bed
    • one room with two single beds
    • The Suite is spacious : its area is about 70 m2.




The Cave Man Room

We called it "The Cave Man Room" because of its decoration.

It contains a comfortable double bed.

A tranquil room which guarantees a sound night's sleep.



The Bison Bedroom

This charming bedroom creates the impression of being in a genuine log cabin, and is loved by everyone.

It has two single benk beds which can accomodate both adults and children.